Bachelor Mountain

Bachelor Mountain

Get ready to hit the slopes, snow bunnies, because love is coming in like an avalanche.

When world champion skier, Brett Carnegie, hosts the Meet The Celebrity weekend at Bachelor Mountain Resort, everything and everyone is fair game. It’s a reality show with an avalanche of hotties sure to melt your moguls.

Lace up those boots, click on those skis, and don’t forget your mittens, sexy kittens… Flirt Club is headed to the mountains! Join your favorite romance authors at Bachelor Mountain Resort and melt away the frost with some steamy winter goodness!

Half Pipe Hottie

by Fiona Starr

Forecast: Snowy… with a chance of forever.

Renowned Snow Engineer, Davis Blaze, joined the team at Bachelor Mountain to make their half pipe competition-ready. He’s got his mind on dropping-in off the ramp and his eye on catching big air… so when he bumps up against Zoe King he’s just about knocked off his edge. 

Zoe King isn’t here for any of the television drama of the big expo; she’s been waiting all year to cut her board into the newest Blaze Half Pipe in the country. But when some cocky snow boarder snatches her shot at the fresh chalk in the pristine pipe, she has no idea how heated things are about to get.


Hard Packed

by Dee Ellis

Leia Danvers does not belong at to the Bachelor Mountain Resort. With two left feet and a panache for disaster, the sweet and silly school teacher should stay far away from ski slopes and snowboards.

But it’s time she had a little fun in her life! When her best friend enters her into a contest promising a weekend full of fun, she decides what can it hurt?

His Snow Bunny

by Poppy Parkes


There’s a first time for everything…

The last thing Winter Whittaker wants is to spend her weekend at Bachelor Mountain ski resort grooming the ego of Olympian Brett Carnegie. But her little sister secretly entered her in the “Meet a Celebrity” contest, so she has to pack her snow gear and head to the peak.

But when she snowplows into photographer Gabe Delgado, she finds herself rethinking everything — including giving up the V card she’s been saving for just the right person.

And she’s not the only one willing to make sacrifices to be with the person who makes her heart sing and her magic carpet throb. Gabe is right there with her, considering making a bomb run on his career to cut fresh tracks toward happily ever after with Winter.

The only question is — is she ready for forever, or will the weekend be a total wipeout?

Lift Pass

by Hunter King

What starts out as a not-so-friendly competition on the slopes turns potentially disastrous for Olympic hopeful Pearl and the mysterious Connor, her challenger. Stranded together in sub-freezing temperature, high above the warmth of the resort below, these two will get to know each other in record time—if they don’t kill each other first, that is.

Pearl came to Bachelor Mountain hoping for a chance to meet her idol, Olympic gold medalist Brett Carnegie. Her dream turns into a nightmare when she finds herself stuck in a ski lift gondola after the sun goes down and temperatures start to plummet. Connor is surprised when the beautiful woman he has his eye on turns out to be a total bitch, and now the two of them are sharing thirty square feet of frigid space a hundred feet in the air.

As the thermometer plunges, will these two find a way to turn their anger into a different kind of passion and heat things up a little? And how will Pearl react when she discovers that Connor isn’t the man he seems to be and is hiding a couple of BIG surprises?

Snow Plowed

by Laney Powell

Sometimes, you just snow.

Having walked away from the flashy career of a New York city hedge fund manager, the last year of Jefferson Knox’s life has been everything his inner mountain man dreamed it could be. He’s got his snow cat, his cabin, and his dog, Beau. He left all the things he thought he wanted, and finally found something real. He didn’t count on a damsel in distress stranded on his mountain in the middle of the night.

Maya Goodwell gets things done. She’s the one other people call when they need rescuing. So when she finds herself stranded at the top of the mountain with no lift, no skis, and no way to get back inside the lodge, she has no choice but to ask for help. The last thing she expected was a broody white knight in his purring snow cat. Maybe it’s time she let someone else take control.

The Slope King

by Sierra Hill

This Slope King will be crowning his Snow Queen…

Hollis Taylor has worked her ass off for Flying Aces, the PR firm owned by her grandfather, and she’s ready for her next big promotion. Unfortunately, there’s two hurdles the size of Olympic ski jumps in her way before she can take over the top spot.

First, she must sign the cocky Swiss athlete, Kellan Muller, Olympic world champion skier, to her client list. The same man she spent a week getting to know very intimately during the last Winter Olympics. And second, she must get married. Under her grandfather’s terms, he wants her settled down before taking over his family-run business.

A much more difficult task to accomplish considering her relationship status is presently zilch. Unless Hollis can find someone who also has a problem that can be solved by a fake marriage, she’s in a tough bind.

But along comes Kellan, the one who makes her belly and heart flutter at the sound of his voice. A man who may also have a problem that a marriage of convenience could solve. Will they be able to fix their situations with a quick marriage? Or will it only create a bigger snowball effect?

White Out

by Vivian Ward

Taking a weekend off could cost me everything.

I’ve always been the underdog who’s worked her ass off while taking care of everyone and everything around me. My sister, Karen, is the exact opposite and now that our mother’s estate is up for grabs, I’m worried about what she’ll do.

Taking a weekend for myself at Bachelor Mountain Resort should have been a great weekend of fun, especially after I meet Greg. He’s the most handsome, charismatic man I’ve ever laid eyes on––who also happens to be an attorney. There’s an instant, sizzling chemistry between us that neither of us can deny. No matter how much I shy away from him, it only makes him come on stronger. Soon I’m drunk with his intoxicating scent as we relax and sip wine in his room while sharing stories about ourselves.

But nothing can ever be easy, right? As my roommate fills me in on what my sister is doing while I’m away, all I want to do is book the next flight home but there’s a whiteout and nobody is going anywhere. Greg has the perfect solution for all of my problems and he plans on fixing them. There’s just one problem: lawyers can’t represent someone they’ve just slept with, can they?

Find out in this strangers to lovers instalove romance!