Big Sky

Big Sky

Giddy up!

Flirt Club is headed west to Big Sky country!

Join 11 of your favorite romance authors as we take the Cowboy Express to Paulson, Montana and wrangle up some of the steamiest short stories yet!

Saddle up and hold onto your hats, ladies, ’cause this is going to be one wild ride!

CeeCee’s Cowboys

by Frankie Love

When CeeCee arrives at Uncle Billy’s ranch the summer she turns eighteen, she expects a blue sky summer.

What she gets is so much more. There are two new cowboys working at Cherry Lane Ranch.

Levi and Cody love this place as much as CeeCee and don’t want to jeopardize their jobs. But that was before they laid eyes on this sweet-as-pie virgin.

They’ve been saving themselves for the one and she’s just arrived.

They say two is better than one … but three is triple the fun.

Cowboy’s Cherry

by Alexis Adaire

After a reporter falls ill, the New York Tribune editor picks Lucia, fresh out of college and only a few months on the job, to cover the story. But the article is about old-school cattle ranches, and Lucia thinks cowboy culture is silly and unsophisticated. So she’s less than thrilled when she arrives at the Big D Ranch and is greeted by searing heat and all the smells associated with several hundred head of cattle. And then there’s the ranch’s owner, an alpha male cowboy with the body of a Greek god who seems to keep getting under her skin.

Ricky has never been to to any big city, so when this mouthy newspaper reporter arrives at his ranch and starts rolling her eyes at his lifestyle, he decides to give her a personal demonstration of what the Big D is all about. Maybe she’ll change her mind after she’s been ridden hard and put away wet. There’s only one problem: This hot little pony has never been ridden by anyone before.

Cowboy’s Conquest

by Amelia Wilde

I told sweet, perfect Emily not to come to Montana. She came anyway.

I’m a rugged cowboy, made for the spurs and the open skies. And behind closed doors? I want things so wild they’d scare a cat’s fur curly.

I’m too dangerous for her. I warned her, and she still showed up with a rolling suitcase and a determined pout.

Now my redheaded angel’s in for the ride of her life.

She’d better hold on tight…because I’m not holding back.

Cowboy’s Fantasy

by Tracy Lorraine

Time to saddle up!

There’s a ranch full of guests about to descend for the full Montana cowboy experience and due to a family emergency, I’ve had to take over.
I’m frustrated until a shy little English cowgirl appears, telling me she’s the new housekeeper. 

The moment our eyes lock, it’s clear that my summer’s just taken a turn for the better.

Seems it’s time to embrace my surroundings and enjoy the ride.

Cowboy’s Heart

by Laney Powell

Happiness is Broken Falls Ranch in my rear view mirror.

At least, that’s what I thought when I drove out of town in a blaze of angry words and hurt feelings. I wasn’t sure I’d ever see my grandfather again. But with unexpected retirement from my special forces unit staring me in the eye, I head home to mend fences and eat some crow.

Priscilla Monroe is Granddad’s nurse. She’s the first thing I see when I step through the door, and the only thing filling my dreams. Unfortunately, she’s made it clear she’s here to work and nothing more.

I had no idea that going back to the ranch would give me back my future. Not the future I planned, but a future I discovered I wanted. I also had no idea it would give me back my heart. 

How can I prove to Priscilla that her future belongs with me?

Cowboy’s Kiss

by Sierra Hill

Avery Boone didn’t grow up on a ranch or in the saddle but her journalistic skills will be put to good use to help save the Montana ranchers in jeopardy of losing their livelihoods. 

When Avery accepts the assignment to spend a week on the Loghorn Ranch in Paulson, Montana, she assumes she’ll be welcomed with open arms from the ranch owner’s son and her editor’s friend, Cutter Lambert. Instead, Cutter is rude, dismissive and all kinds of alpha.

But Avery doesn’t bend to accommodate her discourteous cowboy. She may be a city girl, but she isn’t afraid to show her untamed wild side. And she’s ready to prove to this cowboy that she means business. 

Cowboy’s Melody

by Rebecca Gallo

Being a single dad is hard but my little girl is my entire world. Between raising my daughter and running my ranch, I don’t have time for relationships.

The moment country superstar Teddi Wilde walks through my door, that thought goes out the window. Our attraction is instant and undeniable.

The problem is, she’s only here for a week.

My head says it won’t work but my heart says give it a try. Am I willing to risk my heart on a woman who doesn’t plan on sticking around.

Cowboy’s Pride

by Poppy Parkes

He’s made something of himself and she likes what she sees . . .

Rosalie George hasn’t been back to the lakeside tourist town of Paulson, Montana, for years. She’s got her reasons—damned good ones—but this year her family wouldn’t let her miss the annual cherry festival. When the hotel drops her reservation, she finds herself at Starwood Rest, an up-and-coming luxury camping resort with actual tents and a herd of a horses—and a hunk of an owner.

Jess Porter was a quiet beanpole of a teenager, voted least likely to succeed after high school. But he stayed in Paulson and, against all odds, is now owner of the best damn glamping spot in the Flathead Valley. He can handle anything life throws his way, but when his high school crush shows up at Starwood Rest, he can’t shake the feelings for her that come rushing back.

She’s got every reason to run from Paulson, and he can’t see himself ever leaving. But when Rosalie and Jess reenter each other’s orbits, they begin to question what really matters to them, and what’s worth giving up for the right reasons—and the right person.

Cowboy’s Promise

by Fiona Starr

Hank Blaze: Eight Seconds… That’s all it took to win my spot on the pro rodeo circuit. The dream was mine, and I was taking it. Only problem: chasing my dream meant leaving home and Cass Wyatt behind. I left her with a promise and my heart. Turns out the dream needed more than eight seconds to keep going—it took all my time, leaving me none for anything else. 

When a tough break sends me home to Paulson, Montana for some R&R, it’s finally my chance to get back to Cass. But according to her, my months of silence proved my promise wasn’t worth the dust on her boots. Can I win her back before everything is lost?

Cowboy’s Redemption

by Alexx Andria

He was the right kind of wrong for a woman with a broken heart.

I blew up my marriage, ran from everything I’d ever known to take a chance on a fresh start for me and my girls in a new place. For too long my ex had chipped away at who I was until I no longer recognized myself in the mirror.

My mission was to find the woman I’d lost while trying to be someone I wasn’t.

I never imagined I’d meet a man like Dash Abhrams. Tall, lean and made to give a woman hot dreams, he was everything I needed to avoid if I was going to make a go at this new life. But Dash was hard to ignore. Especially when his eyes told a story I was yearning to hear.

Still I tried to keep my distance. Until that one night…

And then, all bets were off.

Was it guaranteed self-destruction or soulmates finally coming together?

I guess we would find out.

Cowboy’s Touch

by Dori Lavelle

When I discover the dark side of being in the limelight, I return to Paulson, Montana, to lick my wounds in private. 

When the locals of my hometown turn their backs on me, I walk into the arms of the man I left behind to chase fame in Nashville, Tennessee. 

A lot has changed, but not Spencer Pride’s love for me. He’s ready and willing to piece me back together, to make me feel good in a way only he can. 

I still love him. I never stopped. But what will happen when the storm passes and Nashville comes calling again?

Am I ready to give up my singing career for Spencer and embrace life in a small town, or will we part ways for good this time?