Happy 4th of July!

Welcome to Milltown, Colorado, population 15,000, where the only things hotter than the annual fireworks show are the men in uniform and the women who want to light their fuses.

Join the authors of Flirt Club in The Fireworks Series of stories that celebrate small-town summers, BBQs, and all things that end with a bang!

Where will YOU be when the fireworks start?

Her Captain’s Deck

by Dee Ellis

Everlee Samson is getting her independence day this year. Because she’s going to liberate herself from her innocence. 

Tired of feeling like she’s missing out, she decides one of the hot military men that flood Milltown for the annual July Fourth celebration will be the one to make her a woman. Just so long as once he does, he ships out so she doesn’t have to deal with an overrated romance. 

Keegan Dorsett is not like most guys and its exactly why he did so well in the navy. Now it’s time to settle down somewhere picture perfect and maybe start a life for himself. Once he meets Everlee, he knows he’s in the right place. Only she can’t wait for him to ship out once their weekend together is over. 

Too bad she makes his big missile and his big heart explode.

Her Declaration of Independence

by Poppy Parkes

The Fourth of July is my absolutely least favorite thing. An entire day dedicated to thundering explosions and crazy-making lights that drive my clients wild (well, wilder than they already are, given that they’re cats and dogs)? Thanks, but no. 

The only thing I like less than the Fourth is my ex, and good riddance to him. I gave him seven years of my life, and in the end he gave me an eyeful of his cheating ass in my bed with some brunette. 

So sure, while I’m not exactly thrilled about this year’s fireworks show,  I’m ready for something new. Something fresh. Something . . . well, something explosive. In a good way.

This year, I’m celebrating the Fourth by making a fresh declaration of independence to bring me back to life after seven years of gathering dust on the arm of a guy who didn’t deserve me — or, hell, even want me. It’s time to focus on me.

When firefighter Jamie Banner walks into my life, I know exactly what I’d like to do with him. And it’s not exactly ladylike…

Her Firecracker

by Laney Powell

Serena: Nothing like being the only one standing at the altar to make you want to move somewhere new and start all over. That also means no more men – I’m going to be all business, all the time. The perfect opportunity comes to me via a friend – I love my Spar Island girls – and I end up going for a dream and buying my own bakery in Milltown, Colorado, just in time for the town’s big fireworks celebration.

And everything is great until he walks in.

Nate: I thought the fireworks show and the various fires were the hottest things I had to deal with after coming home to Milltown. That is until I met Serena, who just bought the bakery that’s right down the street from the firehouse where I’m working. Calling her a distraction is an understatement. 

And her buttercream frosting isn’t the only thing that melts in my mouth.

It won’t take much to light this fuse.

Her Hot Shot

by Alexx Andria

Sometimes the right time is now when a second chance drops into your lap.

With everyone around her hooking up or getting hitched, massage therapist Isabella Todd needs some R&R before the term “Third Wheel” is forever attached to her name.

Her cousin Stella invites her to spend Fourth of July with her family in small town America, otherwise known as Milltown, Colorado and Isabella doesn’t hesitate to pack her bags. Summers spent in Milltown with her grandmother were some of her favorite — backyard barbecues, tanning by the lake, and meeting new friends — but there’s one memory that stands out above the rest: Her first kiss.

Kasey Yates, two years older and the stuff of her teenage dreams, would forever remain the one perfect memory from those long-ago summers. She never expected to see him again but fate is funny that way. The hot shot firefighter is still in Milltown, single and ready to mingle — and he never forgot about that sassy California girl who stole his heart with a sweet, innocent pucker.

Is she The One? There’s only one way to find out!

Her Massive Missile

by Amelia Wilde

I need a hero. Now.

My mother always told me not to walk home alone, and this is why: Three guys, waiting for me at the alley. And by the looks of them, their intentions are not pure.

I’m in huge trouble…

Right up until a mystery hero swoops in and sweeps me off my feet. Literally.

He’s massive, muscled, ex-military, and…my old high-school crush? I thought I was over him.

I thought wrong.

Oh, crap 

Her Private Party

by Alexis Adaire

Holly is all set to enjoy the Independence Day fireworks show in her hometown of Milltown, CO. She’s also ready to make some fireworks of her own afterward with her ex-boyfriend, Clint, before he leaves for Marine boot camp the following day with their friend, Titus.

One thing leads to another and Holly decides that the patriotic thing to do would be to give both boys a proper send-off before they go off to risk their lives for their country. Little does she realize that a indulging in that three-way will alter the course of her life forever, in the best possible way.

Her Roman Candle

by Fiona Starr

He’s too hot to handle… almost.

Poppy Blaze

After discovering my almost-fiancé had not one, but two “other women” with engagement rings on their fingers, I have decided to give the whole romance thing a break and spend the summer with my granny. Getting back in touch with my childhood summers full of small-town memories—bonfires at the lake, ice cream on Mainstreet, and of course, the biggest fireworks show in the state—sounds like the perfect way to disconnect and reset.

That is, until I meet Roman Chandler, one of the newest residents of this tiny town who is about as hot in his uniform as his name suggests.

Too bad I’ve sworn off anything with a wick, right?

Her Smokin’ Firefighter

by Tracy Lorraine

She was meant to be for one-night-only, a way to forget about life for an hour or two. 

She distracted me, but now I can’t forget her. 

Leaving her hotel room while she was still sleeping wasn’t my best move, but my need for this woman is enough to have me running as fast as I can. 

That is until I find her making herself comfortable in my dad’s house. 

The fiery redhead wasn’t just a one-nighter. 

Oh no. 

The fiery redhead is my new stepsister. 

And I want her something fierce.

Her True Blue

by Sierra Hill

Jordana Bolton is Milltown’s newest resident, seeking solace and a fresh start in the small mountain town, hundreds of miles away from the big city elements she’s running from.

After a robbery at gunpoint leaves her shaken, the new bank manager and part-time animal rescuer, Jordana finds you can’t always outrun crime or your past.

Officer Cord Clawson was raised in a family of police officers, where tradition is to protect and to serve their small town. As a returning vet and cop, Cord is first on the scene of the bank robbery, where he finds Jordana, the beautiful bank manager who he’s had his eyes on for weeks, injured and in shock. From that moment on, he vows to protect her from any future harm.

Cord doesn’t expect to fall so hard or so fast for the sweet animal-loving city-girl, whose secret past seems to follow her, putting her life in danger.

Can Cord be the one to rescue this explosive firecracker and be her true blue forever?

Her Yankee Doodle Daddy

by Rebecca Gallo

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

My new neighbor, Duke, is a raging…inferno.

He’s a former firefighter used to putting out flames, but what about the one he’s ignited inside me?

The fire burns out of control from the very first spark.

But Duke has a secret…

One that makes my panties melt right off my hips.

He wants me to call him — Daddy.