The Matchmaker Series

The Matchmaker Series

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but the Amazon best-selling authors who brought you #ResolutionPact are back at it, and their new The Matchmaker Series is more perfect than a dozen roses! Skip the box of chocolates — it’s time to devour FIFTEEN sweet, sexy, steamy, stand-alone stories set in a shared world.

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Dear All Star Player

by Tracy Lorraine

Two enemies. One Matchmaker. Zero chance of a happily-ever-after…or is there?

Being an All Star Player makes finding a serious relationship a challenge. When a matchmaker sets me up with Book Nerd 69 I discover this quick-witted sweetheart is my kind of woman. Problem is, we have history. And she wants to make me pay. Her revenge tactics do nothing but make me want her more. I’ve had a taste of my sexy bookworm, there’s no way I’m missing this touchdown. 

I don’t need a playbook—I just need her.

Dear Baby Daddy

by Alexis Adaire

After years of playing the field, I’m finally ready to settle down. Rather than waste time with the endless aggravation and frustration of dating, I decide to go through the What The Heart Wantsmatchmaking service.

When the matchmaker pairs me with Scarlett, I’m more than intrigued. She’s smart as hell and incredibly sexy, but too many cheating boyfriends have left her with a singular focus: getting pregnant and raising a child on her own.

I may want a wife and family, but being an absentee baby daddy is a whole different story. Too bad Scarlett wants my ability to father a child more than she wants me. And yet I still can’t seem to get her out of my mind.

Dear Double Team

by Olivia Hawthorne

Blythe Orion: I lived my entire life online, growing my brand as one of the most successful models on Instagram. I had millions in the bank, adoring fans and I was called the most beautiful woman in the world.

But I didn’t have love. I felt like nobody really knew me.

An old fashioned matchmaking felt too good to be true, but I thought I’d give it a try. I never thought I’d lose my heart and find myself. And I never could have imagined I’d get two for the price of one, but when I met Harrison and James Manchester, how could I possibly choose?

Why not have both?

Dear Hungry Wolf

by Vivian Ward

I go through women like new cars. Drive ‘em around the block and then I’m onto the newest model, but I’m tired of searching for the next best thing. Somehow my business partner convinces me to use a matchmaker, but I have some serious doubts.

And then I’m paired with 22-year-old Tillie Everett. She’s gorgeous and pure in every aspect. When I said I wanted innocent, I had no idea I’d be matched with a virgin. But this sweet little number wants to be tainted. Oh, Tillie, you have no idea how much trouble you’re in when I get my hands on you.

Dear Lonely Heart

by Fiona Starr

If love was certain, they wouldn’t call it falling.

I don’t want a date; I want a mate. I’m not much of a lady’s man. Can’t we just skip all the awkward stuff? My sister assures me this matchmaker service is the real deal. So, I sign up to humor her, but then I’m blown away.

Claire is everything I could have asked for and more. She’s charming, funny, and she gets me. But everything falls apart when she finds out I can’t give her the one thing she wants most: a family.

Claire thinks I lied. I have to make her see there’s honor in this lonely heart.

Dear Mr. Firefighter

by Kelli Callahan

A matchmaking service is going to help me find true love? Yeah right.

Chloe: I didn’t have any real expectations. But it wasn’t like I had anything to lose. They matched me with Cain. Formerly a Navy SEAL. Currently a firefighter. And oh boy. He gives hot-as-sin a whole new meaning.

Cain: I never asked to be signed up for the matchmaking service. But apparently my niece thought I needed a girlfriend. Truthfully? That’s the last thing I need. I’m too broken for love. That ship sailed a long time ago. How do I delete this profile anyway?

Dear Future Husband

by Angel Devlin

Ella Cassidy is looking for love, so when she hears about Grace Graham’s dating service “What the Heart Wants,” where you handwrite love letters to your potential suitor, she’s eager to start.

She’s so in, she starts her letter “Dear Future Husband”. But there’s an error that leads to Ella getting letters from TWO potential suitors. One’s letters are the romance she’s dreamed of, the other’s letters are, well, just so darn… DIRTY.

Ella’s roommate, Finn, tells her she’s bound to end up on a date with a 6-stone, pasty-faced, serial killer. But are Finn’s concerns just for Ella’s safety, and are the suitors who she thinks they are?

Dear Mr. Heart On

by Frankie Love

I make no apologies for the man I am. Being a tough guy gets the job done. Which means I have no time to waste dating.

Using a matchmaker seems like a stroke of genius — until I’m paired with Imogen Branch. The messiest, fiercest …and sexiest woman I’ve ever slept with.

And this woman who seemed so wrong, is now giving me a constant hard on. But Imogen has a bone to pick — she claims I’m emotionally unavailable.

She wants more than a man with a hard on … she wants a man who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Dear Mr. Maybe

by Dori Lavelle

CALEB: I’m not a one-woman kind of guy. I prefer to go where lust takes me. But my brothers think it’s time for me to slow down, so they sign me up for a matchmaking service behind my back.

From the first kiss, Ellie Summers makes me question who I am and what I really want. I want her.

ELLIE: My son and I live in our own little world. Each day is the same as the last. No surprises. No opportunities for us to get hurt again.

But when I get a glimpse of Caleb LaClaire’s face, something inside me shifts. When we finally meet, I find myself learning to feel again. This can’t be happening. Fairytales are not for girls like me. Or are they?

Dear Mr. Right Now

by Kim Loraine

Let’s get married … right now!

I stand to inherit enough money to make me one of the richest men in St. Louis. There’s just one catch. I have to get married by Valentine’s Day. With two weeks until my deadline, I turn to a matchmaker for help. I don’t want a gold digger. I want a wife.

The moment I meet my match, I realize Rosie is everything I want. I know I should tell her why I need to get married stat, but I’m falling hard for this woman, and I can’t bear the idea of her marrying me for money.

I might need a wife right now, but I want Rosie forever.

Dear Mr. Temporary

by Rebecca Gallo

Nothing said tragic like going solo to a society wedding, especially when the bride was my sister. With no prospects and even less time, I turned to a sure thing: a matchmaker. I just wasn’t expecting to be matched with Archie Reed.

He was the rakishly handsome lawyer at a rival firm and the man responsible for humiliating me in the courtroom during my first trial. But my desperation combined with Archie’s charm and persistence left me with no other option.

Archie was supposed to be the solution to a temporary problem, so why did my heart want him to stay permanently?

Dear Phoney Fiance

by Alexx Andria

It’s just a temporaty arrangement… right?

Cara Harris is smart, funny, insanely beautiful — and not looking for anything remotely serious. Once I explain my messed-up situation — that I need a fake girlfriend to get back at my soul-sucking ex — she’s more than willing to help me out.

The plan is going great, except my feelings are getting real. And hers? I have no effing clue. What happens when it’s time to go our separate ways? Because one thing is for sure — I’m not ready to say good-bye.

Dear Sexy Swimmer

by Dee Ellis

Just Keep Swimming… 

That’s what they say right? But it’s hard to practice when life is a series of heartbreaks. When a matchmaker sets me up with the man of my dreams, who’s training to be an Olympic swimmer, I hold my breath. Has my luck has finally turned?

We write letters and sparks fly. And I start to believe that together we can take the plunge. But when we meet face-to-face everything changes. I want a husband … not a forbidden romance. 

I want to dive in head first with Pike Paine, but can we make it to the deep end?

Dear Shy Guy

by Laney Powell

Sometimes love just needs a little push…

I work for a matchmaker but I’m not looking for love. Shy guys never get the girl, right?

Enter Natalia. She’s my opposite in every way – outgoing, opinionated, and so damn bossy. It makes my attraction to her that much stronger. I want her. I crave her. It’s time to show her what she’s really looking for – me.

I may be the strong and silent type, but in the bedroom I can take control. I’m more than a shy guy – I’m everything she needs.

Dear Worst Enemy

by Sher Dillard

He was everything I didn’t want in a match. Too handsome for his own good. Tall, strong, overly confident. A player who thought he was God’s gift to women. The exact wrong man for me.

Yet, somehow we ended up paired together at a charity ball. Somehow, we ended up having glorious enemy sex. The kind that could make a woman rethink her entire perspective on life. On men.

But, can a one-time thing with the wrong man lead to life’s answers? Can a woman’s worst enemy become the love of her life?