A Mountain Man Holiday

A Mountain Man Holiday

The Flirt Club has a holiday series to keep you warm and toasty all winter long! We’ve got five swoon-worthy mountain men for ya, all ready to trim your tree and make your holiday bright.

Come for the snow-covered peaks and wintry woods, stay for the thick beards and chiseled chests. The Mountain Man Holiday series of short, steamy stories is sure to stoke the flames of your heart.

Falling Snow

by Alexis Adaire

It’s a Whisker Wonderland!

What began as a genealogy research trip for Miami attorney Snow Wyatt becomes so much more when she arrives in Alaska and encounters a living, breathing mountain man. In short order, everything she thought she wanted melts away and she has to decide what her priorities in life truly are.

Nick Kringle lives a solitary life in his cabin, miles from town and other humans, and that’s the way he wants it—just a man and his dog. When a gorgeous lawyer shows up in nearby Fairbanks and shows interest in him and his cabin, he agrees to give her a tour, which becomes complicated by an ill-timed snowstorm.

Can Snow stop herself from falling for a man so very different from herself? And more importantly, does she really want to?

Gingerbeard Man

by Poppy Parkes

Colt is living the dream. Surviving off the land in the remote woods of Montana, he’s king of the mountain. His mountain, thank you very much.

When there’s a misunderstanding about his annual gingerbread order, it’s just more proof that he’s better off in his forest cabin, alone except for his tom cat, Avalanche.

Then disaster strikes and puts Ember, the curvy new owner of the nearby small town’s only bakery, in mortal danger. Suddenly, Colt finds himself rethinking everything.

His Sugar Plum Fairy

by Laney Powell

Sometimes fate creates the perfect (snow) storm.

Sasha L’Adore never imagined her life could be this miserable. After an injury ends her storied career as a prima ballerina, she’s forced to jump into Plan B years ahead of schedule. She always pictured running her mother’s dance studio as the perfect way to move into the next chapter of her life, but not when she’s supposed to be in the prime of her career.

Mason Devine has lost everyone he’s ever loved, literally. After a life filled with grief and a heavy heart, he’s content living in his cabin in the woods and crafting the maple syrup he’s become known for. A dedicated bachelor, Mason knows that if you don’t let anyone in, you can’t lose them. But when an unexpected snow storm blows a waify woman right onto his doorstep, he has no idea he’s about to open the door to a whole new life.

She’s going to dance right into his heart.

The Knight Before Christmas

by Sierra Hill

A break-up. A break down. And the mountain man who came to her rescue.

After suffering through an unexpected divorce, the only thing Ivy Foxx has on her Christmas list this year is some downtime in her newly acquired mountain home in Knight’s Falls. Walking away from her three-year marriage was tough enough but nothing compares to the loneliness of spending her first holiday alone. Or the fear of her unknown future, which is as scary as her car breaking down on the icy mountainside during a blinding snowstorm.

The only thing working in her favor this Christmas Eve is the silent and surly mountain man who comes to her rescue. A knight-in-shining armor he is not. But one can’t be too picky when there are no other options.

Anderson Knight may be the town’s only towing service, but it doesn’t mean he has to enjoy dealing with customers, especially ones who interrupt his Christmas Eve solitude. Even on the best of days he can be a grouchy bear, but on a night when his lost love still eats him alive, he’s a beast. And even the pretty female stranger in need of assistance may not be able to break through that ice.

But it’s the time of year when the magic of the holidays and the Christmas spirit intervenes, connecting two lonely and broken hearts together under the unlikeliest of Christmas Eve circumstances.

Mountain Mancave

by Dee Ellis

Mack Felle likes his life up on his mountain just fine. A life spent running from his past landed him in Driftwood, Georgia and he never wants to leave. He doesn’t need bright lights or the big city to keep him happy. He likes the wide open spaces of being out in the middle of nowhere. A rare trip to town brings him face to face with the first thing to make him question his lonely life.

Mollie Winters came to Driftwood to take a chance on herself. A big city girl who was born and bred in a backwoods town, she thinks she found the best of both worlds here. Mack is all brute and beard but she can’t help how badly she wants him. They wind up stuck in his cabin during a storm and she wonders if she’ll ever want to leave his mountain mancave.

Mountain Man of Presents

by Fiona Starr

Fake it til you make it, right?

That’s Holly Evan’s motto this Christmas. Her latest romance has fallen apart—as they all do—she’s not feeling her passion for her DIY social media platform any longer, and all she wants to do is run away from everything. When the chance to interview Kieran Blaze, a private and elusive carpenter in the mountains of Colorado falls into her lap, she jumps at the chance. Anything’s better than what she’s got right now. 

Kieran Blaze wants nothing to do with the outside world. After years of war and loss, he’s happy in his small mountain workshop nestled deep in the woods. His family keeps trying to pry him out, but everything in him resists. It’s better that he keeps his distance; when you don’t make connections, no one gets hurt. But when Holly Evans arrives, she’s his opposite in almost every way. She threatens his safe little bubble and turns his entire world upside down.

If he’s not careful, she’ll carve a place in his heart.