Mr. Billionaire

Mr. Billionaire

Flirt Club does it again! Hold on tight, because we have 14 hot and sexy billionaires who are about to meet their happily ever aftersonly they don’t know it yet.

Come along for the ride, again and again as you meet our 14 sizzling alpha males and the women who will steal their hearts.

And with Flirt Club billionaires, you know their wallets aren’t the only things bulging.

Mr. Black

by Laney Powell

Only she can discover if his heart is as black as his name.

As the black sheep of Wall Street, I’m aptly named. My father’s crimes almost cost me my company, my reputation, and my freedom. 

When I meet Harper McKay, it’s clear she’s summed me up by my past. We should hate one another. Instead, we’re fighting a passion so hot it threatens to burn us both down. 

She thinks I’m a thief like my father. But she’s the one who has stolen my heart.

Mr. Champagne

by Alexx Andria

I don’t do love or commitment — but I want to do her.

Remi O’Rourke is saving that luscious, curvy body for the man she’s going to marry, which means she’s off-limits. 

As the CEO of a billion-dollar company, when I see something I want, I go after it. The first time Remi walks into my office, I know she’s going to be mine, she just didn’t know it yet.

Sassy, smart, and funny, Remi isn’t like any woman I’ve ever known and I’m hooked. But what my wealth and influence can’t do, one unexpected snowed-in weekend just might! 

Mr. Cream

by Rebecca Gallo

There may be billions in my bank account — but money can’t buy happiness. 

I’ve spent the better part of my life turning around the family business but there’s one thing I’m no longer willing to sacrifice: fatherhood. 

I’m desperate to have a child, with or without a wife. Until Ambrosia Miller walks into my life and changes everything. 

She’s one tasty treat that needs to be cream-filled and I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

Mr. Garnet

by Dori Lavelle

My mother has been pressuring me into leaving my wild ways behind, begging me to settle down with a good girl. But marriage is not in the cards for me. I live for the thrill of the moment. I bed women I don’t plan on seeing again. It’s less messy that way.

But I just did something crazy, even for a man like me. With the click of a button, I bid on a stranger’s virginity. It might cost me more than money, but I can’t resist.

I’m intrigued by the woman who has the courage to sell herself to the highest bidder. But meeting from the moment our eyes meet, I know I’m screwed. Dixie Munro is the woman who will leave her scent behind. The woman who will mess with my head long after I show her the door.

Mr. Green

by Angel Devlin

One broken down elevator. Or is it?

When Alexander Green, CEO of Juniper’s Department Store lays eyes on Jodi, up and coming Instagram star and boutique owner, it’s love at first sight. 

But Jodi wrongly assumes he’s a mystery shopper. With an hour to go until her interview with Mr. Green and his team to discuss a business collaboration for Juniper’s, Alexander meets Jodi in the lobby and invites her for coffee, travelling via the back staff elevator. When it stops working, Jodi decides to make a play for the man she can’t stop thinking about. 

Will their budding relationship break down like the elevator when she finds out the truth, or will they reach dizzy heights of love and lust?

Mr. Indigo

by Alexis Adaire

Carter: Even billionaires have problems, and I’ve been given an ultimatum by my company’s board of directors: Rehab your ridiculous bad-boy image or you’ll be replaced.

They’re forcing me to be seen in public repeatedly with the same woman for a month. And I have the perfect redhead in mind for the job. Now if I can just keep my heart out of the equation.

Selby: I’ve never met Carter Wynn before, but I know all about him and his predictable alpha-male ways. So when he calls, I’d love to tell him what an asshole he is. Only I can’t, I’m trying to land his company’s giant advertising account.

When I start to fall for Carter despite myself, I know I’ll have to tell him my big secret. But would a multi-billionaire want anything to do with a 22-year-old virgin?

Mr. Pink

by Dee Ellis

Holden Hill’s life was the stuff legends were made of—until his world was darkned by tragedy. Now his little girl needs more than his billions can buy. They both do. 

When he hires a nanny for his daughter he doesn’t expect her to help him too. But Emrie’s bright colors and sweet ways win both father and daughter over.

​Soon their stark and bleak home comes to life with bursts of light and color. His withdrawn little girl comes back to life, excited to share all her secrets with Emrie.

​Holden’s secret? He fell in love with the help.

Mr. Platinum

by Fiona Starr

All the money in the world can’t fix a broken heart.

It should be smooth sailing as I take my company public. We’ve been planning this for years; everything is in place—with one exception: Me.

Enter Nina Blaze. She’s a PR consultant, fixer for the rich and stupid, and I definitely fit the bill.
All I wanted was someone to help me tamp down the fire of my wicked temper. I never expected her to light a blaze of desire in my heart—and everywhere else—that no amount of fixing could quench.

Mr. Sapphire

by Vivian Ward

I thought I’d found a diamond in the rough but she was so much more.

The minute Ella walked into my jewelry store, there was an instant attraction. She was there to interview for a job and was well qualified but, with her beauty and charisma, all I could see was her gorgeous face. 

Hiring her was my first mistake because everyone knows that office romances never end well. Taking her on a date was my second mistake because I knew it was more than business. Bringing her back to my mansion? I wouldn’t call that a mistake because I was already head over heels for her. 

They say diamonds are forever but my love for her will last longer than all eternity. 

Mr. Silver

by Tracy Lorraine

I went back to school with the intention of motivating some teenagers, to show them evidence of what’s really possible with a little hard work. 

What I didn’t expect was her—the timid teacher standing at the side of the room. I do everything possible to get her attention, but she seems insistent on looking anywhere but at me. 

She doesn’t realise she’s playing games with the wrong man because once I have my sights set on something, I don’t stop until it’s mine.

And my sights are firmly set on Miss Walsh. She will be mine.

Mr. Slate

by Tessa Blake

Slate: I’m not generally about one-night stands, but that changes—fast—when I meet Sunny. The minute I lay eyes on her, I have to have her.

But then she turns up in my office the next day … and she’s not who I thought she was at all. She hates everything I stand for, and I can’t change who I am. Will that one night together really be the only time we have? Or can I change her mind about me?

Sunny: I didn’t come to New York for a boyfriend. I came for a purpose: to change the world. And Slate Garrett is not part of that. He can’t be—because he’s the exact thing I came here to fight.

Too bad I don’t know that when I meet him at a club one night and let him have his way with me on a deserted rooftop. Now we’re on opposite sides of a battle I refuse to lose. And I’m not going to lose my heart, either.

Mr. Steel

by Derek Masters

My office job in a well respected and established firm had fantastic benefits, but my favorite perk was the president of the company. During my time at the firm, I worked very closely with Mr. Steel. We had developed a very special relationship, which had to be kept a secret. I understood. I was getting special treatment, after all.

Mr. Steel had a way of pushing my buttons. We shared one common interest: bondage. I’m very grateful for our taboo relationship. He even uses an undisclosed email address to let me know when he will be at my apartment. It’s just one of the ways he keeps me in line. I love it when he treats me like a bad girl. Just thinking about it gets my juices going.

Mr. Stone

by Olivia Hawthorne

Elise Carmichael: I just wanted a job. Getting hired at Stone Industries would make my entire career. But after a disastrous mixup, I ended up interviewing for much more than I had bargained for with the CEO.

I’d been warned to stay away from him, he was a notorious heart breaker. But sometimes a tiger can change his stripes, especially when the fire burns as hot as ours.

Devlin Stone: You might have heard of me. Billionaire playboy, determined bachelor, guilty of screwing my way through half the high end models in Milan. On a whim one Friday I did something I’d never done and I did it with a tall, curvy blonde goddess who kept me on my toes.

But when it all fell apart I was left with one burning question: Would she ever submit to me and believe in our love?