Sleeping With the Scrooge

Sleeping With the Scrooge

Ho ho… no?

It’s the holiday season, and the Flirt Club authors have a flirty new short story collaboration to deck your halls. 🎁


Meet the six Scrooges of Snowdon, a quaint Massachusetts town that goes all out for the winter holidays. If only there were something (or someone…) that could melt these Scrooges’ holiday humbug and help them find something to love about the holidays.

Hang those stockings, trim that tree, and get your hot cocoa ready!

One Snowy Eve

by Alexx Andria

Oliver Thorne, a small-town detective in Snowdon, Massachusetts, is about as bah-humbug as one can get about the Christmas season.

His life is going nowhere until he meets Harmony Bishop, a quirky, irritatingly perky businesswoman with a passion for all things Kris Kringle and an obsession with Hallmark movies.

Oliver takes an instant disliking to Harmony but when Harmony’s shop is ransacked and her livelihood threatened, Oliver takes the case.

Harmony is all about sugar cookies, popcorn garland and hot cocoa; Oliver is hard-headed, bitter and broken inside.
The sparks fly when these polar opposites are thrown together. Will Oliver solve the case and wash his hands of Harmony or will Harmony help him rediscover his lost Christmas spirit through the healing power of love?

One Snowy Eve might just change everything…

Mistletoe Magic

by Dee Ellis

Malcom Fort hates the lights, the songs, and the merriment of the holidays. Once upon a time, he didn’t though–and coming to Snowden is meant to help him find his way again. What he does not mean to find is the beautiful angel who runs Mistletoe, a year-round Christmas store.

He certainly does not want to feel what she makes him feel.

To rid himself of her, the sickly-sweet store, and hopefully how bad he wants her, he intends to kick her out before the holiday.

Only when he goes to tell her it’s time to pack it up, he can’t. Not just because he finds her singing jingle bells and looking like a sinfully sexy angel, but because he can no longer deny the truth. Malcom might hate the holidays—but he does not hate Noel King.

No, he loves everything merry and bright about her—it seems her Mistletoe Magic has made him forget what it means to be a grinch.

Santa’s Special Delivery

by Sierra Hill

When love arrives via special delivery.

Joy Winters lives for Christmas. Maybe because as a child growing up in foster care, she never experienced the true meaning of the season. That’s why the charity she began with her best friend to help make under privileged kids’ Christmas wishes come true is so near and dear to her heart.

But this year, those wishes may be derailed when a clerical mistake sends all the gifts to the wrong address. Hoping to locate the gifts before Christmas, Joy tracks down the delivery to the nearby home of a…holiday scrooge! Who cares that he’s the most attractive man she’s ever met? It’s his blustery mood that has her Ho-Ho-Ho turning into No-No-No.

Gabriel Frost has no time for annoying interruptions. He’s already burning the midnight oil with a crazy case load, on top of caring for his ailing grandfather. So, when the delivery company claims he can’t return the hundred packages delivered in error, Gabriel is anything but full of holiday cheer.

But there’s something about the idyllic town of Snowdon, Massachusetts that brings holiday magic into lives of even the biggest bah-humbuggers. Can the sweet smile of this all-kinds-of-adorable do-gooder melt the ice off Frost’s heart and save Christmas for everyone?

Baby, It’s Cold Insdie

by Hunter King

Sarah Vickers is nursing a badly broken heart after being dumped just before Christmas by a narcissistic man-child. She wants only to turn her brain and her heart off for a few days and take solace in the soothing hot springs at the Awtenbush Resort just outside of the picturesque village of Snowdon, MA.

Josh Temsik has a failing business, and the holiday cheer is way more than he can stand this year. He’s at Awtenbush to avoid the crowds, the decorations,and any kind of Christmas spirit, and intends to do his best to ignore everyone as he soaks his stress away.

When a polar vortex dumps three feet of snow on the area and drops the temperature down near zero, the power grid goes down and leaves the resort with no electricity and no heat. Thrown together for survival, Sarah and Josh quickly discover their own method of heating things up.

But is Sarah’s warmth enough to crack through Josh’s icy exterior? And will Josh prove to be the real man Sarah longs for?

And how in the North Pole does Santa figure into all of this?

Hot for the Holidays

by Poppy Parkes

Ginger Cole would rather do a lot of things than go back to her hometown of Snowdon for Christmas. She hates all things merry and bright, but she loves her mom, so she goes. When disaster strikes, it’s sure to prove Ginger right that the holidays really are the worst time of the year.

But then she meets Nat King, town baker and her own personal knight in shining armor. Can his sugar and spice melt her cold indifference for December and make her see how hot the holidays can be?

Santa’s Broody Helper

by Amelia Wilde

All she wants for Christmas is a baby daddy.

Holly Bliss has one item on her Christmas list: a very special package from an anonymous donor. But when the sample turns out to be an internet ripoff, her dreams of having her own baby in a manger are dashed.

Or are they?

Matthew Hudson is the world’s broodiest delivery man. He wants nothing to do with the last delivery of the night. But with his job on the line, he has no choice but to make sure she gets what the doctor ordered…even if he loses his heart in the process.