Secret Sauces

Secret Sauces

Flirt Club is cooking up something special… and the secret ingredient is L-O-V-E. 

Our latest recipe for romance is a spicy series full of flavor from nine of your favorite romance authors. Get ready for sexy salsas, romantic reductions, and creamy coulis. These short ’n’ searing stories are sure to satisfy all your cravings.

His Apple Sauce

by Frankie Love

Getting attacked by a bear wasn’t a part of the plan when I went on a hike —but what’s even less expected is finding this forbidden fruit in the kitchen of the closest farmhouse.

Eve is everything I want but can’t have.

It’s not just her ripe innocence that tells me she’s off-limits… She’s Amish … with plenty of curves hiding behind her apron.

But I want to taste more than the apple sauce she’s cooking. I want all of her.

But even out here in the country, nothing’s quite as simple as it seems.

His BBQ Beauty

by Rebecca Gallo

Sometimes all it takes is a little southern charm to get what you want, and I want the truth.

When Tanner Gerard walked into my family’s barbeque restaurant, all it took was one night of passion to seduce a secret family recipe from my lips.

Three years later, we’re unexpectedly reunited and I’m still madder than a wet hen over his betrayal. But when he begs me for a second chance, I’m willing to risk everything – including my heart – to save my family’s business.

His Cheeky Chantilly

by Dee Ellis

Chantel Levos is as sweet and pure as the Chantilly cream she’s famous for. Her days are spent baking sweet treats but her nights are spent longing for something more…savory.

Only, she is hardly ready for the delicious dish that is Baker Elliot.

Baker Elliot is rich, powerful, and hungry. With a hearty appetite for life, he’s tasted plenty of what the world has to offer but nothing has satisfied his cravings. Until he meets bubbly, beautiful, and bashful—who just may be the flavor of life he’s been looking for.

His Flirty Fondue

by Poppy Parkes

She’s in it to win it. He’s in it to win her.

Brie Marsden makes the best fondue in the county, ask anyone around. When her family enters her in the California Culinary Institute’s annual cooking competition, everyone knows she’ll take home the gold — but no one but Brie knows how much is riding on her win.

Brie takes her fondue to the big city because she has to. But she finds something in San Francisco that she does not expect, and it all has to do with her top rival and newfound arch-enemy, Colby Jackson.

His Hot Sauce Honey

by Derek Masters








His Secret Peppercorn

by Amelia Wilde








His Spicy Sriracha

by Hunter King


Will Lambert is a Food Network rockstar, host of the popular barbecue show Meat Master. Everything is going great for him—except for his love life, which for years has had empty-calorie one-night stands as the main ingredient.

Pica Morales has no time for love because she’s a student at the world renown California Culinary Institute, determined to change the world with her vegan cooking after she graduates. 

Two seeming total opposites meet over a shared love of exquisite food, then butt heads when their beliefs get in the way. Their perfect appetizer of a relationship finds unexpected trouble at the entrée stage. Can they work out their differences and find their way to a scrumptious dessert before everything falls apart?

His Wicked Worcestershire

by Laney Powell

All it takes is the right ingredients to get things cooking.

Sacha Fedorov is at the top of his cooking game. Just ask him – he’ll be the first to tell you all about it. So when anonymous food blogger and food critic, Wicked in Worcestershire, writes a scathing review of his latest culinary creation, he’s determined to discover their identity and show the world just how wrong they are.

Evie Jones has clawed her way to the top of the amateur food blogger food chain by telling like it is. A review from her can impact a chef’s reputation, and she’s not afraid to wield that power. So when her latest review gets her called out on national television it’s knives out, baby, and Evie is prepared to filet her latest victim.

She’s the reality check he doesn’t know he needs. He’s the tender touch she has no idea she’s craving.

Can they fix each other’s recipes before the flames consume them both?

His Zesty Marinara

by Fiona Starr

When Paolo and Marina meet… they really turn up the heat!

Ask anyone and they will tell you: Paolo Perso is living the dream. His cooking show is number one, his new retail sauce line is about to launch, and his 5-star restaurant in Los Angeles is so popular you have to know someone just to get a reservation. So why does he feel like someone deflated his soufflé?

Marina Trovato has worked hard to get where she is. A long-time assistant producer for The Eating Channel, she’s just been given her big break: Producer of her own project; a special series of cooking shows featuring Paolo Perso, celebrity chef. But when the cameras start rolling, it’s clear this show will end up going from the frying pan into the fire… unless she can whip it all into shape!

Will Paolo’s performance prevent Marina’s career from reaching her climax, or can she put the flavor back into his sauce?