Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers

Is it getting hot in here?

We hope so! Just in time for Spring Break, your favorite Flirt Club authors have put together some steamy, short stories about sexy times in the sun!

So grab a piña colada and take a break with our Spring Breakers. We promise you will get hot and bothered with our hunky hotties!!

Spring Break Baby Burrito

by Frankie Love

Bayleigh has sun-kissed skin with lots of curves and her tiny bikini has me wanting more than her drink order.

I’m filling in as a bartender at the Cancun Paradise Resort — and my shift is just ending.

She’s looking at me like she knows I’ll deliver the cocktail she’s dreaming about.

When I pull her to my lap, we both know this night is just getting started.

Spring Break Breaking Bad

by Alexis Adaire

I had only one Spring Break goal: Finally lose my virginity. My roommate made me take a vow that I would find a guy to teach me about sex. And there are tons of hot college boys here.

What I never expected was to run into the tenth-grade English teacher I used to have such a huge crush on. He’s six years older now, almost forty, but he’s even hotter than I remember. And I’m six years older, too.

I was looking for a sex teacher, and I think I found the perfect one. I just need to get Mr. Curtis to notice I’m a woman now. But I have a plan that will guarantee he sees how much I’ve changed.

Spring Break Delish

by Laney Powell

Everyone’s a playboy… until they meet the real thing.

My whole senior crew is down in South Padre for one last Spring Break party. Soon we’ll start real life, but right now it’s sun, sin, and string bikinis as far as the eye can see.

Then Lyssa arrives on the scene and my playboy swagger gives in to old-fashioned dates, hand-holding, and romance galore. I don’t want to let her go, and I’ve only got a week to show her just how real this is for me.

After a bonehead remark jeopardizes everything, I’ll need to prove to Lyssa that I’m ready to start what’s real… right now.

Spring Break Double Take

by Angel Devlin

One Spring Break Island and hotel.

Two hot blond swimwear models.

Three friends there to enjoy one’s last days as a single woman.

When Tasha is given the opportunity for double the fun, the bride to be tells her to go for it.

What is there to lose but her heart?

Spring Break Heartache

by Dee Ellis

Noah Kent is a man who does everything big and bold. He follows his instincts. With business and with women—both of which he has done well for himself with.  After he buys a resort in Cancun, he decides he’s earned a break to check the location out. 

Instead of a wild week in Cancun, he finds his world turned upside down when he meets Lana Loren—a jilted bride looking for some Spring Break fun. Lana may have come to his resort for a fun week but he wants to give her a lot more than that. 

Because his instincts tell him he’s the one to help the Lana get over her Spring Break heartache.

Spring Break Left Behind

by Olivia Hawthorne

Amelia Winston: I needed a get away. As an Art History PhD student, my boring life was books, research, writing and kissing up to my advisor.

Forced to stay behind over Spring Break to do her work, little did I know I would be working with the most annoying, hottest man I’d ever met.

Barrett Whitaker was an enigma with a monster…you know what, an intellect with a bad boy side, and a man who could mess up my life and derail my future.

Would he ever believe our love was worth fighting for? Or would he leave me broken-hearted and regretting my decisions?

Spring Break Navy Seal

by Sierra Hill

While on spring break for her friend’s destination wedding, Abbie spends a sizzling night with Zayne, after which she sneaks away believing she’ll never have to see her hookup again. 

Queue up a side of awkward, because the hot SEAL she slept with just happens to be the best man in the wedding. 

Abbie’s only goal was to have a no-strings-attached hookup, and instead she finds a soldier whose only mission is to keep the flames burning a little while longer.

Can he convince Abbie that there’s more between them before they say goodbye to paradise?

Spring Break Secret Baby

by Tracy Lorraine

She was my everything. My best friend. My girl. My future. 

It was meant to be the night that marked the beginning of lives together. Instead, I was forced to walk away. 

That is, until our worlds collided once again. Now, I’ve only got a few days to prove I didn’t leave her willingly all those years ago. I’m prepared to fight to win her back, but what I’m totally unaware of is that it’s not just her heart on the line, and it wasn’t just her I walked away from that night.

She’s keeping a secret, one that’s going to change my life forever.

Spring Break Surprise

by Fiona Starr

“Get your ass down here and help me manage this bar!” 

My sister’s call couldn’t come at a better time. I am at loose ends and nothing sounds better than a month in Cancún during Spring Break. Nothing, that is, until a goddess come to life wanders into my bar.

Bridget Blaze is here to work… just like me, but the attraction between us is so hot we find ourselves throwing off our obligations as fast as we throw off our clothes.

It doesn’t take long to realize she’s way out of my league. She’s got a plan, a career, and no room for a guy who’s still figuring things out. 

She’s got it all, where do I fit in?