Bachelor Mountain

True Love X2

The Flirt Club presents True Love X 2

This series of MFM romances has double the heat, double the heart, and double the happily ever afters!


Billionaire X2

by Dee Ellis

Fallon Ritchie thinks she knows exactly what she wants out of life–to be a journalist. Figuring out how to get started is the problem. Becoming an intern at Master’s Media seems like a good place to start. Once she meets her bosses, she starts to wonder if she really knows just what she wants.

Cousins Jase and Milo Masters came from nothing but now they have everything. At least that’s what the world thinks. Running their own billion-dollar media empire has its perks–and its downfalls. Women throw themselves at their feet, but they know only one woman will do–for both of them.

They share more than their fortune and business–they want to share Fallon. Sweet and sassy with curves worthy of more than one man’s attention, they will convince her they are part of her bonus package.


Bodyguard X2

by Poppy Parkes

I didn’t mean to become an overnight internet sensation. Really. And yeah, I know that when people say that, they’re usually lying. They almost always want it, and worked hard to get it. I didn’t.

What I do work my ass off on is my music — I mean, my serious music. My genre-bending rock ’n’ roll work that’s sometimes a little folk and always as raw and badass as I can manage. Hit It, Beyotch is not that. But it’s what everyone knows me for.

I’m Aria Mack, YouTube star and the Rebecca Black of my generation. I’m only nineteen, but I’m already the object of viral hate that spans the globe. I wish every damn day that I was not. Because the world is out to hate me, my parents hire two bodyguards to protect me. Little do any of us know where that will lead .

Cowboy X2

by Laney Powell

 She has these two roped and tied…

After nursing her parents to death at an early age, Nina Ransom relies on nobody but herself. With no time for anything but running the family stables, she’s dedicated her life to the horses, the business, and her family legacy. When she arrives at Broken Falls Ranch to deliver a horse to the owner, she meets Caleb and Stryder, two men in desperate need of some taming. She soon realizes her gift of breaking wild beasts extends beyond the stables.

Caleb and Stryder have been friends since they were boys—together through childhood, enlisting, and war. They’ve had each other’s backs through everything, and they always take care of business. Meeting Nina is the first thing that might come between them—until they realize that two is better than one. 

Dirty Doctor X2

by Vivian Ward

“I never dreamed my boss would find the dirty email that I sent, much less share it!”

When I started my new job at a medical clinic, I had no clue that I’d be working with two of the hottest doctors I’ve ever laid eyes on. I also never imagined that one of them would find an embarrassing email that I wrote about them.

But one of them saw it. He even printed it!

The day that I was called into their office, I couldn’t imagine what I’d done wrong. Confronted with the shameful evidence, I never thought that my wildest fantasy might come true.

I was worried at first but doctors know how to make everything better––that is until their boss finds out about our MFM relationship and threatens all three of us. A decision has to be made but no matter what happens, I’m following doctor’s orders.

King X2

by Amelia Wilde

I’m only at the palace to deliver peaches. And not just any peaches—special ones, painstakingly engineered for the royal family.

But a freak accident means my precious peaches are a juicy mess on the streets. They’ve gone to fruit heaven.

I’m in so much trouble with the haughty, handsome kings. And they’re demanding the only fruit I have left as payment.

With my family’s legacy on the line and two royal heartbreakers staring me down, I have one delicious choice to make.

The only question: will it be enough to save me?

MMA Fighter X2

by Fiona Starr

Who’s ready to go a few rounds?

When her father goes in for emergency surgery, Dani Morgan doesn’t hesitate to step in and run his gym. She was raised hanging out among the fighters and the ring, and it’s like coming home in the best way.

Chase and Logan are best friends, roommates, and about to begin training for the biggest MMA prize of their careers. When Chase describes a wild, sexy time on his last night out, Logan wishes for a little adventure of his own. Meeting the daughter of the gym owner feels like the first step in that direction, until Chase makes it clear that he was there first. The boys soon realize the biggest fight of their lives isn’t taking place in the ring. Dani has made it clear that she’s not ready to go the distance with any one man, but she’s game to try it with two.

Mountain Man X2

by Frankie Love

We live alone and spend our days in the woods, putting the past behind us.

But we spend our nights dreaming of a woman who could love our unconventional life.

When Birdie flies through the old-growth forest and into our lives, we know she is the one we’ve been waiting for.

But we aren’t asking for just one night.

We’re asking for forever. Times two.

Navy Seal X2

by Hunter King

Pearl: I want to kill Josie for leaving me on my own in New Orleans when she decides to spend our entire vacation weekend with a hookup.

But I quickly forget all about my roommate when I meet Kyle and Marco in a Bourbon Street bar. The pair of Navy Seals are also on vacation, and thank God they are, because not only do they save my weekend, they literally save my life.

I soon realize these two boys are the key to living out one (or maybe two!) of my craziest sexual fantasies. But first I’ll have to decide between the two of them.

Or will I? 😉

I’m already dreading having to say goodbye when the weekend is over.

Officer X2

by Derek Masters

Double the officers, double the pleasure.

What was supposed to be a fun girls night started out with me being pulled over for speeding. I thought for sure I was getting a ticket, but a familiar face let me off with a warning.

The night turned into a complete disaster when I found my designated driver passed out drunk at the bar.

Luckily, the officer from earlier gave me his card so I called him for a ride.

Little did I know that he and his partner would both be giving me a ride in more ways than one.

Stepbrother X2

by Sierra Hill

One job.
Two months on the road.
Three lives passionately intertwined and irrevocably changed.

All Shaelin Miller wanted was a decent-paying job and a break in the music industry. What she got was a thankless job as a personal assistant to Rye Aldridge, one of the biggest rising stars in the alt country charts.

Heading out on a grueling two-month summer tour with rock star Rye and his stepbrother and manager, Court Haberly, seemed like an easy task, giving something to Shae she never had before. A ticket out of her small podunk town and an opportunity to travel the world with two hot men.

But once on the road, secrets are exposed, lines become blurred, and Shae wonders if she’ll ever be able to return to her small, sheltered life again with her heart intact.